Zanaky ny Lalana


Zanaky Ny Lalana or Son of the Streets is a collaborative photography project that transcends social segregation. Born and promoted on a facebook page, the project aims at shedding multiple lights on the life of the major populous of Antananarivo – the poor.

Today, 72% of people in Madagascar live below the national poverty line and stay in areas referred to as slums. Locations of these neighborhoods vary but they all have two things in common: 1- they offer people shelter from rain and sun and 2- they are home.

Often times these rooms are made from cardboard, nylon and discarded wood. The outside is shabby and frail whereas the interior is made cozy by the undeterred smiles of its cramped inhabitants. Throughout the day they relentlessly search the garbage of their social compatriots, do factotum work for them and beggary. At night, families rest at home while the young and unquenched continue their search for a better living.

{ a collaborative work and message – Safidy Andrianantenaina, Rija Solo, Pierrot Men, Joyce Solonjatovo, Ndimbisoa Rafolo, Auguste Fabrio }

Antananarivo, Tulear; Madagascar 2016 ©